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Our Projects

  • finished

  • in progress

  • Manesht Poultry products company spila
    • Logo design

    Manesht Poultry products company

    The designed logo consists of combining three basic elements of the brand. The simple image of a chicken is the most important and central element related to this company The second element is a mountain, which refers to the geographical area of ​​this collection (Manesht). And finally, by combining these two, and the first letter of the brand name, we reached a combined monogram.

  • Demmortal treasure spila
    • Front-End

    Demmortal treasure

    This is a web3 Nextjs application that offers a decentralized economic solution based on Ethereum. Here you can mint nft, play lottery and etc. In this project we have had extraordinary animation on game board page and complicated nft auction based on time that drop price every 10 minutes. We tried to be precise in implementing UI. Our goal was to achieve performant code and fast application. (Note: the auction and game board section are completed but not released yet.)

  • Go movies spila
    • Front-End

    Go movies

    This is a React single-page application with absolute HTML CSS and javascript without any UI library. In this project, you can go among hundreds of thousands of anime, manga, movies, etc. The data is handled by React Query here and with the help of an advanced caching mechanism you can experience fast loading and navigating.

  • Dooman Construction and road construction company spila
    • Logo design

    Dooman Construction and road construction company

    Two main elements (building and road) are used in this logo. The building element is the intersection of construction and architecture and the two basic parts of the company's activity have been combined in the form of a colored surface and the road element is shown in the form of two curved lines, by combining these two curved lines with the first letter of the relevant brand name, we reached a combined sign in both Arabic and English, and at the end, we simplified and standardized the logo.

  • Spila Software company spila
    • Logo design

    Spila Software company

    In the design of this logo, a simple and minimal combination of two monitors has been used to show the most practical tools in the digital field. These two elements are transparently designed to display the digital space. Also, the combination of these two, and the way they are placed on each other, in addition to displaying the first letter of the brand, is to show two levels of user interface and user experience.

  • Online Music app spila
    • Front-End

    Online Music app

    Online music streaming application with the ability to categorize and save favorite music. This application uses a powerful web player that has features such as shuffle play and repeat as well as full screen.

Our Team

  • Tohid Sadeghi Graphic Designer spila

    Tohid Sadeghi

    Graphic Designer

  • Arian Hamdi Front-End Engineer spila

    Arian Hamdi

    Front-End Engineer

  • Mehdi A. Product Manager & Web3 Consultant spila

    Mehdi A.

    Product Manager & Web3 Consultant

  • Muhammad Khizar Fullstack Engineer spila

    Muhammad Khizar

    Fullstack Engineer

  • Hakan Abdali Front-End Engineer spila

    Hakan Abdali

    Front-End Engineer

  • Hamidreza Moradi Software Engineer & Web3 Developer spila

    Hamidreza Moradi

    Software Engineer & Web3 Developer

  • Abolfazl Eslami Design System Engineer spila

    Abolfazl Eslami

    Design System Engineer

  • Youssef Hany Fullstack Engineer spila

    Youssef Hany

    Fullstack Engineer

  • Aref Rasti Front-End Engineer spila

    Aref Rasti

    Front-End Engineer

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